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If you’re looking to work as a security guard in shopping centres, industrial or construction sites or in office buildings, contact Lite Security to learn about our top-quality training.

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Security guards are trusted with activities such as protecting property and people, patrolling areas and preventing theft.

From helping you choose the right training course to advice on employment opportunities, we have you covered. We have prepared local and international candidates for the security industry since 2015.

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Working for Security Companies

A security guard is employed to protect, watch and guard a property. If this sounds like a job you would excel at, contact us to learn more about the entry level qualifications you will need to start your new career.

At Lite Security, we provide all the support and help you need to get qualified. We offer recognised security training courses that comply with the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) and the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) standards.

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Security guarding is divided into six sub-activities:

Unarmed guard

Armed guard

Cash in transit

Control room operator

Monitoring centre operator

Guarding with a dog

Contact us for more information about the certifications you need to become a security guard!

If you’re after a career change, or perhaps you’re simply looking to upskill and try something new, why not try a security guard course at LITE Security?